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Self-paced Online Courses

If you find yourself a bit pressed for time, or with an unruly schedule that doesn't allow for consistent meetups, keep your peace by learning the Mandarin language online in your own time. You won't need to prepare anything as the course materials will be accessible via a good internet connection. Download the "homework" pages and practice material to study outside of your personal class. Click the link below to choose the Chinese course best for you!

*All virtual courses use simplified Chinese. You may request materials in traditional Chinese characters if you so choose.

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Private Lessons

Two people having a conversation Ad for Chinese language class.


For adults that have some footing in the language already. Receive level appropriate vocabulary and reading material to be discussed. 

Like a pen-pal for foreign language! Just over the phone (or video chat).

2 days/wk 15 mins/class = $99/mo

3 days/wk 15 mins/class = $129/mo

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For adults that lack abundant study time. Learning relates to everyday life to produce small talk and beyond over time. 

This class does move at a more moderate pace.

2 days/wk 30 mins/class = $219/mo

3 days/wk 30 mins/class = $319/mo

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For adults already interested in Chinese with the goal of domination!... read: fluency. These adults make time to really dig in. 

We learn the ins and outs of various topics through subjects. 

2 days/wk 60 mins/class = $299/mo

3 days/wk 60 mins/class = $439/mo

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Group Courses for Grownups

Career Chinese: Beginner

Take a class dedicated to helping you boost your career potential with Chinese classes that focus on just that. Dive right in to the language skills necessary to help you build business rapport. Classes run in 10-week sessions (no class on national holidays).

Minimum of 3 students to open [Maximum of 9]

2 days/wk : 60 mins/class = $639

Homework and audio files shared as class progresses tailored to student profiles.

Class is in 100% Chinese even for absolute beginners.

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Chinese Boosting Salons

Join us for weekly salons in which you can use the language of Mandarin to discuss various topics with the help of our hosts! No need to prepare anything. Imagine we're at a snazzy tea house and BYOB!

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