Why Should Entrepreneurs Enroll in Our Chinese eCourses?

29.05.24 12:57 PM

In short:

Key Babel offers a unique approach to learning that makes you the protagonist of your Chinese language journey.

By the end of "Part One", you will see that you truly do know enough to being a solid conversation.

Our ecourse was designed with busy adults in mind without sacrificing any of the four areas of language learning.

We add culture tips that will help you navigate as an employee, partner or owner of a business.

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What can Chinese do for you?

In our globalized business world, language skills are more than just a nice-to-have; they’re steadily becoming a must-have that many Americans are missing out on. Since 2020, the rise of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons, find new markets, new partnerships, and new opportunities would do well to learn a new language with the key to those proverbial open doors. One language that can make an American stand out from the rest, is Mandarin Chinese. As China continues to grow in influence on the global stage, learning Chinese is an investment that can yield significant returns. And there’s no better place to start than with Key Babel’s online course "Survive in Chinese in 3 Months"

Technically, you start with Part One... so you learn in one month. 

Baby steps.

Evening shot of Guangzhou city.

The Key Babel Advantage

Key Babel Institute offers a unique approach to language learning. Our course is designed to take absolute beginners from boarding a flight to a smooth settling into a new or temporary homeland. 

The course is structured as an active journey to China, where you, the learner, are the protagonist. This immersive approach makes learning Chinese an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Survive in Chinese Language

This ecourse is designed to help adults beginning Chinese for business or professional purposes travel to China without an intense bout culture shock on top of a daunting language barrier. You really will "Survive in Chinese" and obtain a solid understanding of listening, speaking, reading, and yes, even writing Chinese (Mandarin) that is directly linked to your initial needs. 

By the end of part one, you’ll be able to:

  • introduce yourself with detail
  • understand introductions of others
  • use and understand colloquial greetings
  • inquire about the whereabouts of your destinations
  • and instruct others on the necessities that you require daily

Designed for Busy Adults

At Key Babel, teachers understand that adult language learners can get busy. You really want to make it to class at least twice a week, but for a solopreneur, that may not be manageable with consistency. Trust us, they have born witness to the struggle of some awesome new entrepreneurs when it comes to accountability and consistency

That’s why we’ve designed our ecourse to allow you to be flexible and accommodate your ever-changing schedules. Each lesson is expected to take roughly 30 to 45 minutes. You could also cut that down, by studying a mere 10 to 20 minutes each day! In fact, play the videos or audio in the background as you multi-task.

Sounding feasible already, isn't it?

Learning Chinese is A Worthwhile Investment for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs brainstorming with their laptops.

 The course includes interactive video tutorials, vocabulary lists and audio files, Chinese character writing practice sheets and more. All resources designed to make learning Chinese a fun and engaging experience. Why?

Because learning Chinese does not limit you to working, doing business, or finding partners solely in mainland China. It will extend your reach to East Asia in terms of culture, history, and some of the most jaw dropping 21st-century advancements that the average Americans are missing out on.

  • Unmanned stores? Check.
  • Robots that clean bathrooms in their entirety? Check.
  • Semiconductor technology that is being fought over globally? 

                                                    (Let's not talk about that.)

Instead let's consider the world's second largest economy as an opportunity for you to begin building better relationships for your business, or even our nations. We'll prepare you with professional cultural nuance and practical conversation material to enhance your exploration of the country and her people, especially her people.


In conclusion, learning Chinese is an investment with strong potential to pay you dividends in the form of new business opportunities, cultural insights, and even personal growth. By taking Key Babel’s Survive in Chinese course, you can make this investment from the comfort of your own home in just ONE month....... or at your own pace.

Your ears will be trained to recognize information pertinent to your daily interactions with others.

Your eyes will be able to spot Chinese characters critical to your consumption and travel needs.

Entrepreneurs will find their conversations with manufacturers in China go much smoother as they instruct them on new projects.

And if you truly take to the writing practice, you'll begin to see the beauty of this language behind a land of 5,000 years of history.

So why wait?

Enroll today and embark on your Chinese learning journey.

Poster for Chinese conversation as conducted by Key Babel.
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