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    Communicate confidently with real-world Mandarin skills!

    Go at your own pace as you take our Mandarin Chinese online courses. You still get the benefit of the immersion class but can do it at the speed that's just right for you.

Self-paced Online Courses

If you find yourself a bit pressed for time, or with an unruly schedule that doesn't allow for consistent meetups, keep your peace by learning Chinese language for beginners online in your own time. You won't need to prepare anything as the course materials will be accessible via a good internet connection. Download your homework and practice material to study outside of class. Click the link below to choose the Chinese course best for you!

*All virtual courses use simplified Chinese. You may request materials in traditional Chinese characters if you so choose.

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How does China fit into your future?

China is Ready for Students Ready to Graduate

You’re in high school, or a university student, and graduation is right around the corner. You know there must be more to life and you have a strong desire to travel. Has China always been on your bucket list? Are you curious about the Shaolin temples, the variety of teas and noodles of Chinese culinary arts?

You could make travel to China a smooth-sailing reality, by getting the language down.

China and Entrepreneurs with Global Goals

You feel that dipping your feet into the Chinese market can be good for business. Or you can see yourself living in China as an expat,expanding your career prospects.

You know that learning Mandarin will give you the keys to a network unexplored by those around you.

Key Babel has prepared concise courses packed with exactly what you need to know to flaunt those Mandarin skills in your daily life in China, through immersion learning online. 

❌No wasted time on studying characters that you won’t need right away.
❌No rote memorization of vocabulary that won’t serve your day to day well.
❌No dull repetition of grammar rules that won’t help you.

Enjoy a more laid-back learning experience with our self-paced courses. You can take as long as you need to solidify your foundation, or study diligently throughout the week, and learn enough to be ready to go to China in just 1 month.