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Business is booming for some no matter where they are in the world. In fact, some headquarters are not in the same nation as the place where their products or services thrive! How do they do it?

Translate, translate, translate.

See a list of our current translation services across three different languages!

Standard Written Translation

We offer translations for your:

  • website
  • employee manual
  • product descriptions
  • business/legal contracts
  • government required documents (IDs, birth certificates, etc.)

We're able to do so much. Just tell us your needs.

Subtitles for Video/Game Content

Have you created awesome videos or movies that you know your target audience is missing out on? Or is it possible that video game players in another country would be thrilled at the chance to play yours?

Let's talk about it further over coffee or tea!

Language Editing

Suppose you do know something of your target language and your content just needs that final polish. This is where Key babel comes in. We've got your back.

Foreign Social Media Content Creation

Your target audience wants to be able to feel your personality come across. They want to laugh at your jokes, feel empowered by your coaching. Let us handle it.

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