Chinese Mandarin Class Now Enrolling!

China has become an innovative nation that is very active in the global community. Learning Chinese has many benefits in addition to being fun and intriguing. Soon enough, you or your child will be sharing stories, making history or building solid relationships using the Chinese language.

Chinese Mandarin classes are open for enrollment!

China has become an innovative nation that is very active in the global community. Learning Chinese has many benefits in addition to being fun and intriguing. Soon enough, you or your child will be sharing stories, making history or building solid relationships using the Chinese language.

KBI teachers share music in your target language.

听力 Listening

Native speaker audio

Country specific media

Full immersion course

Give a speech in your target language during KBI lessons and events.

会话 Speaking

Guided conversations

Lessons curated to your interests

Teachers share books to read in your target language.

阅读 Reading

Aligned to lesson topics

Published storybooks

Made for your level progression

Write your class  notes in Key Babel's notebooks

写作 Writing

Calculated usage

Guided free expression

Genuine literary practice

Benefits of Immersion Programs

Experience the Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language Through Immersion

Accelerated Learning

Immersion programs significantly speed up the language acquisition process. By surrounding yourself with the language, you’ll quickly become more comfortable and confident in using Chinese in everyday situations. This constant exposure helps reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation naturally.

Enhanced Retention

Learning through immersion means you’re continuously practicing and applying what you’ve learned. This hands-on approach ensures that new language skills are retained longer and more effectively compared to traditional learning methods.

Cultural Proficiency

Immersion programs provide a deep understanding of Chinese culture, traditions, and social norms. By integrating cultural lessons into language learning, you gain a holistic understanding of the language, which enhances communication and helps you build stronger connections with native speakers.

Improved Listening and Speaking Skills

One of the key benefits of immersion programs is the improvement in listening and speaking abilities. Regular interaction with native speakers and real-life practice situations help you develop a natural accent, better intonation, and conversational fluency.

Contextual Learning

Immersion programs emphasize learning language in context. This means you learn words and phrases as they are used in everyday life, making it easier to remember and apply them. Contextual learning also helps you understand the nuances and subtleties of the language.

Increased Confidence

As you immerse yourself in the language and culture, your confidence grows. Regular practice in a supportive and interactive environment helps you overcome the fear of making mistakes, enabling you to communicate more freely and effectively.

We Supply More than Food

Imagine your child has a passion for cooking and aspires to be a chef. At Key Babel, we would use this interest to create a customized learning experience that combines language acquisition with culinary arts, a cornerstone of Chinese culture.

Hands-On Cooking Classes

We would organize hands-on cooking classes where students can learn to prepare traditional Chinese dishes. These classes would be conducted in Chinese, providing students with an immersive environment to practice listening and speaking skills. For example, they might learn how to make dumplings, stir-fry vegetables, or prepare a hot pot while following instructions given in Chinese.

Language Integration

Vocabulary and phrases related to cooking and food would be introduced and reinforced throughout the classes. Students would learn terms for ingredients, cooking methods, and kitchen tools in Chinese. Interactive exercises, such as labeling ingredients or following a recipe in Chinese, would help solidify their understanding.

Cultural Lessons Through Food

Each cooking session would include lessons on the cultural significance of the dishes being prepared. Students would learn about regional variations in cuisine, the history behind certain dishes, and the customs associated with dining in China. For instance, while making mooncakes, they would learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival and its importance in Chinese culture.

Real-World Application

To enhance their learning experience, students might visit local Chinese markets or restaurants. These outings would allow them to practice their language skills in real-world settings, interacting with native speakers and experiencing the culture firsthand. They could ask for ingredients, order food, and discuss dishes with local chefs, all in Chinese.

Students write with teachers in children's Chinese classes.

Chinese for Children

Childrens Chinese
  • Choose private lessons for your child to take alone or with friends. Choose full immersion or gradual immersion Chinese language classes based on your schedule.
  • Classes cover authentic Chinese stories, poems and songs in addition to cultural subject matter. Children in these classes don't need to worry about speed.Language will come naturally and flow at the right moments.

Key Babel eCourse for survival Chinese


Chinese eCourses
  • Sign up for self paced ecourses that follow a tutoring format. You can learn in your own style with visual, audio and kinesthetic input. We offer carefully crafted worksheets and more.
  • These courses are still taught in language immersion, while you have the ability to pause and rewind as necessary.

Adults take fluency based chinese classes at Key Babel.

Chinese for Grownups

Adult Chinese

  • Choose private lessons or sign up with a group of friends and learn in language immersion.
  • Our bilingual teachers are skilled curriculum developers that have been using the immersion method for over a decade.

Trust us, it's just as beneficial to adults.

  • Enjoy real-life practical Chinese skills that will resonate with native speakers.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning As A Team?

Diverse Perspectives

Teamwork brings together individuals with different skills, backgrounds, and viewpoints, fostering creativity and innovation through a variety of ideas and solutions.

Skill Development

Working in a team allows individuals to learn from one another, develop new skills, and gain insights from their peers' expertise.

Enhanced Problem-Solving

Collaborating as a team allows for collective problem-solving, where members can brainstorm, discuss, and overcome challenges more efficiently than working alone.

Stronger Relationships

Teamwork builds camaraderie and trust among members, creating a positive and collaborative work environment. Practice allows one to join others effortlessly.

Improved Communication

Teamwork encourages open communication and the sharing of information, which can lead to better decision-making and a clearer understanding of goals and tasks.

Shared Responsibility

Teamwork distributes the workload, ensuring that no single individual bears the entire burden. This shared responsibility can lead to better stress management and a more balanced approach to achieving objectives.

Increased Efficiency

By dividing tasks according to each member's strengths and working together towards common goals, teams can accomplish more in less time.

Support and Motivation

Team members can provide mutual support, encouragement, and motivation, which can help maintain morale and drive during challenging projects.

Bridging Cultures

Our students often share how learning Chinese has helped them connect more deeply with Chinese culture, whether through food, festivals, or everyday interactions.

Academic and Career Advancement

Several of our students have used their Chinese language skills to advance academically and professionally, securing scholarships, internships, and job opportunities that require bilingual proficiency.

Personal Growth

The immersive and personalized learning experiences at Key Babel have empowered our students, boosting their confidence and broadening their global perspectives.

Language Immersion Programs For Adults

Unlock the Full Potential of Chinese Language Mastery

Tailored Learning Experience

Our language immersion courses for adults are designed to meet your specific needs and interests. Whether you’re learning for business, travel, or personal enrichment, our courses offer a customized approach that ensures you achieve your language goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Our immersion programs are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. Choose from private lessons, group classes, or weekend workshops that suit your schedule. We offer both in-person and online options to provide flexibility and convenience.

Interactive Learning Materials

Benefit from a variety of immersive learning materials, including audio-visual aids, interactive apps, and hands-on activities. These resources are designed to reinforce your learning and make the language come alive.

Real-Life Applications

Immerse yourself in practical, real-world scenarios where you can apply your Chinese language skills. Our immersive methods include role-playing, interactive exercises, and situational dialogues to help you become fluent and confident in everyday conversations.

Networking Opportunities

Join a community of like-minded adults who are also passionate about learning Chinese. Participate in language exchange meetups, cultural events, and discussion groups to practice your skills and build connections with other learners.

Continuous Progress Tracking

Track your progress with regular assessments and feedback. Our instructors will help you set achievable goals and provide the necessary guidance to reach them. Celebrate your milestones and see how far you’ve come on your language journey.
Experienced Instructors

Learn from fluent or bilingual teachers with extensive experience in language immersion. Our instructors use proven techniques to engage you in the language, making learning both effective and enjoyable. They provide continuous feedback and support to ensure your progress.

Professional Development

Enhance your career prospects by gaining proficiency in Chinese. Our language immersion courses equip you with the skills needed to communicate effectively in a professional setting. Gain a competitive edge in the global job market with our specialized business Chinese courses.

Cultural Integration

Understanding a language goes hand in hand with appreciating its culture. Our immersion courses incorporate cultural lessons, such as traditional Chinese customs, festivals, and etiquette, providing a well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond vocabulary and grammar.

Learning Tools and Materials

Enhance your vocabulary with our interactive flashcards, covering various topics such as everyday objects, food, and travel. Perfect for quick and effective learning on the go.

Access a library of audio lessons featuring native speakers to improve your listening and pronunciation skills. These lessons cover different levels and themes, from basic greetings to advanced conversations.

Read articles and watch videos that delve into Chinese culture, history, and traditions. Understand the context behind the language and enrich your learning experience.

Download and print worksheets for writing practice, grammar exercises, and comprehension tests. These resources are designed to reinforce the lessons and track your progress.

Explore our recommended language learning apps that complement our classes. These apps offer additional practice and fun ways to immerse yourself in Chinese.

Join our language exchange program to practice speaking with native Chinese speakers. Gain real-life conversational experience and make new friends.

Become part of our online community forum where students can ask questions, share tips, and support each other. Engage in discussions and find study partners.

Attend our virtual and in-person events, including cultural workshops, cooking classes, and language immersion days. Participate in activities that make learning Chinese fun and engaging.

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