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Two adults and diverse dolls symbolizing Chinese language benefits

At Key Babel Institute, we aim to bring language to our students in a more meaningful way. Combining the Natural Approach language learning method with elements of Montessori and Reggio Emilia education practices, we believe that students will be able to not only grasp a language, but also express their very being with it.

"Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about."
Benjamin Lee Whorf

Key Babel Institute provides fun, student-centered foreign language classes and learning materials, so that students are not only able to grasp a language, but can express their very being through it.

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Virtual Learning

The beauty of technology is we can learn anything, anywhere at any time. We take full advantage of this century with video, apps and games. Our classes encourage you to explore.

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Traditional Studies

Technology is fun, but sometimes tradition is timeless. We allow students the opportunity to put pencil to paper or break out their measuring cups and other materials. Our homework is prepared with class and life situations in mind.
The science projects? Let's just say sometimes things can get messy.

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Translate Your Materials

Take your business to the next level by translating your site and more into a language your clients call "mother tongue".
​Or kick start your travel plans by having your official documents translated professionally.

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Download Useful Language Learning Materials

Classes are fun, but they don't last forever. You need something to keep you going outside of class. Try daily write ups in a specialized planner, half-creating your very own flashcards, our original tunes and more!

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Learn through the Arts

Try out our Culture Corner to learn a foregin language through poetry and music! You'll get to explore a new theme each month with extra resources.

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We'll chat for a bit and also do a little bit of class so that you can get a feel for our lessons, and we can get to know you better. When you sign up as a regular student, we'll deduct the Demo class fee!