How Can Chinese Affect Your Brain?

10.07.20 01:37 PM

Did you know there have been some studies on what they brain can do when a English speaker is using it?

Good Brain Exercise

Apparently, learning Chinese uses more parts of the brain than when learning other languages. Chinese speakers also use their brains more of the time!! I remember in the beginning of my studies, I would feel an unusual pressure from time to time as I practiced reciting phrases or writing characters. 

This is likely due to needing to focus on diversifying your tones with each syllable you speak. The right brain shows much activity here.

Fine Motor Skills

This leads me to the development of our motor skills There's all of those strokes that you'll need to remember to get a particular character right. In fact, simply remembering the strokes themselves is not enough. You also need to pay attention to the order in which the strokes are written!

Visual Memory

Sometimes characters have only a teensy weensy difference. See if you can spot the differences in the following.

    我               找

    大               太

    土               士

    干               于

If you can remember which is which, surely your memory overall can improve. Perhaps now you can also further your dreams of becoming a super sleuth!! Ok... well, at least you can probably do better on exams that require you to recall names or numbers that are similar.

You can read details here:

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