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18.02.21 07:43 PM

Key Babel Institute is now selling Immersion-friendly materials!

After considering some of the struggles that come with learning a foreign language through immersion in the US, our team has come up with a few ideas to keep students in the swing of things both in and out of class sessions. Homework is seen as busy work by so many people that sometimes, especially our adult students, they start to lose momentum. Our children love doing their worksheets and projects for homework, and they don't mind getting a little bit more "busywork" to keep from being bored. (Can you believe that? Children say they get bored sometimes... as in having nothing to do!)

We've decided to offer planners, games, puzzles and more! Sure adults might already have a planner or their own little journal, but do you have a journal that helps push you along in your language journey? Some will be available for download as soon as March! Hard-backed shippable copies will become available at a later date.

We hope you enjoy our foreign language immersion shop and stick around for our various classes and events.

Make 2021 count when it comes to your fluency goals! 

Thanks for reading!

How about shopping?

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