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Project Impact: Learning by Doing
How can you Learn-by-Doing when it comes to language classes? Fear not! Your active body will be right at home here. Click on in and discover how you can cement your classes to memory with us.
17.09.20 05:16 AM - Comment(s)
Stages of Immersion: Language Learning
Are you worried about your child's language development in full immersion classes? We'll go over some things to expect in this blog post.
05.09.20 12:02 PM - Comment(s)
Is All Language No Culture Really Ok?
When learning a foreign language for the sheer sake of business, do you really need to learn the culture?
26.08.20 11:46 AM - Comment(s)
How Full Immersion Begets Language Acquisition
Still skeptical about 100% immersion classes to learn a foreign language? Find out what research says about it and how we implement it!
10.08.20 05:56 AM - Comment(s)
Phonics or Romanization?
When learning a language without a familiar alphabet, should you press on by conforming it to your needs? Or dive into the land of the unknown? Let's use Chinese as an example.
13.07.20 02:00 AM - Comment(s)